Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Running and stuff

Walk through part 1
Part 2

Although 2 years late, I've decided to put together a walkthrough for Soldexus. It will mostly cover where you need to go and not other things such as where attack or defense pickups are at. If I get around to it will I probably talk about whatever projects I'm working on/ not working on.


Toads said...

Haven't heard from you for ages, I thought you'd given up the Indie side of your life. Please do inform us of any projects you're working on, I've been dying for a game ever since Soldexus.

I'll check out the Soldexus walkthrough for the sake of it, I'm sure it'll be nice to read through. :D

maggot653 said...

Can you tell me what you used to create the opening scene and how did you put it in game maker??